Raped and Ripped

Image Source Nowadays wherever I turn my head, news of rape ambush me. Be it the buzz feed of social networking websites, media channel or messages circulated around various messaging apps. All I ever get to read is how inhumane homo sapiens have become. Men are tagged as beasts. The females are being marginally victimized. […]

BDSM- Taboo or Trend

Image Source “Feeling kinky?” “Let us be a little experimental tonight.” There he goes to the secret drawer. Takes out clamps, handcuffs, ropes, and tapes. He handcuffs her. Or just ties her up to the bedpost.  Blindfolded. Helpless and totally at his mercy. The man is the dom and his partner is the submissive. He […]

Single By Choice

There is this funny incident I would love to share with all of you. Once, I was approached by a guy. Naturally, I rejected his so-called proposal. There is no place for the brain-dead zombies in my life. You can be a stud, hunk or drop dead handsome (I wouldn’t mind a drop-dead handsome wink […]

Is Age Really Only A Number?!!

Gif source Love is in the air. The moment, it flashes February on our calendar. The beautiful flowers of love and romance blossoms. What follows is two weeks of utter madness. Right from the chocolate day, rose day, propose day, kiss day, and finally to the Valentine’s Day. The love mania does not end. The […]

2 Broken Souls Creating One Complete WHOLE

Gif source This story is about two imperfect beings who strive to create a perfect relationship. This is the story of order out of chaos. Love in impossible situations. Kirti who is an ambivert wanders from one career to another. Kirti is indecisive, unpredictable, and lacks emotions. Filled with many flaws and blessed with a […]

What If….??!!!

Love is calling me. A new beginning awaits me. A fresh start is knocking at my door. But I am trying to find happiness in the trashcan of past memories. Monica Drake, author of Clown Girl quotes, “The Buddhists say if you meet somebody and your hearts pounds, your hands shake, your knees go weak, […]

Why Marriages Fall Apart – Part 1

For a very long time, I have been looking vaguely out of my window. The only question that haunts me is where actually did I go wrong? I have been a loving wife, obedient daughter, caring mother and an understanding sister. I score 10/10 in all the other relationships. But when it comes to my […]

A Handful of Happiness

No sooner did Jay drop Zara at her home, she dialed Jenny. Despite their age difference, the two are really close to each other. Jenny is an ideal homemaker with all the qualities one would expect of a perfect wife. Zara wanted to tell Jenny the entire episode of how Jay finally convinced her to […]

Banned My Husband: Rage Over Marriage

It has been a long time since I have been sitting in the railway station and even longer since I have been sitting on my marriage. Lucky are those who marry the people they love. I also considered myself lucky for marrying the man of my dreams. I have been married for fifteen years. The […]