Erotica! Love your way to pure pleasure!

In or outside marriage for partners the road to pleasure seems to often go super flat over time as familiarity and routine settles in. Often all this game of love is reduced to is sadly a daily chore. You often go, saturday night? What the heck let’s do it! How do you break the monotony?

Where’s the mojo?

A lot has been said and done pertaining to this aspect. All sorts, starting right from fantasies to role play etc etc. Somehow,  the very thought of fantasies and role play kind of evokes the hushed psyche of secrecy and may be even super salacious thoughts which are damned dirty perhaps? Someone as pathetic as me will have reservations even attempting to voice such thoughts even if by magic I got around to being experimental. ‘Pathetic’ coz I CAN’T even get myself to think on those lines! I know I know, BORING! Right!

Love your way to pleasure, please them! Simple as that!

Tell you what though, I disagree completely. Just coz someone is not comfortable doing anything similar to all sorts of antics, gymnastics the needlessly noisey humping-pumping you can dismiss them for being boring? Makes me laugh. To me, it all comes down to more – how to please him and how to please her.

Quite honestly this subject is a little out of my comfort zone to discuss coz even attempting to discuss something like this makes me feel coiled. Nah! Not me! No wonder I have often been damned boring and so not adventurous. Hmmm now that is pretty interesting, isn’t it?

Spot your amulet-Fantasies and role play! Why not?

Don’t get me wrong not suggesting in anyway that role play or fantasies are obscene and dirty things to find a  place in your marriage if it helps partners make life interesting and add to pleasure, Why not! By all means. That is not whole in itself though. All I am trying to suggest is these things, well fantasies etc should be instinctive, should flow naturally, very spontaneously rather than the inspiration coming from Porn. Far too much dirty excitement! Donnu think? May be Iam ancient coz I just tend to feel things like these need to spring from heart and not libido alone. I mean of course eroticism has it’s place in life and we are offcourse made up of desires and carnal instincts that need meeting and that is all good.

Just how do you do that? Taking to porn? A good idea?

Having said that I too do realise some couples just like to get all charged-fiery-hot to get naughty to blast their beds with delicious magical aphrodisiac symphony of their own. Fill their lives and room up with tormentingly sensual steamy seductive erogenous romance with their bodies singing and dancing to the beats of their slowly building up earthy stimulating titillating feelings of too much pleasure to contain waiting to reach the highest high!

And THAT is all fair!

May be porn n stuff helps. Don’t really know coz its different from person to person. Every couple in and outside of marriage seems to have a completely different equation with their partners, don’t they? For some it works and for some it doesn’t.Find out what works for you!

‘You be me and I be you,’ Let’s do the role reversals!

The way I suppose it promisingly works is when you get lead by your instincts. To ignite the fire between the two the best is the shape that the love making might take. May be by letting him play the passive, the lead, the pleasured, the one rejoicing, savouring the nectar of your love. The one who is just just there who lolls back in the dim lights abandoned-tranced in the reverie of being enticed-titillated-stimulated till he can take no more!

But why do we wanna take to such things? Can’t we do without it? WHY?

Coz you love them and for once you wanna let them take things easy. True is the fact as much men like to want to belong to the place which is more ‘responsible’ ‘strong’ ‘macho,’ they love for once to be breaking the rigidity of conforming to male-macho-ism of being the stronger. They love their beloved, trust them handing themselves to them completely.Wishing-desiring to taste-savour the excitement, gratification of sweet surrendering, abandoning their responsibilities of ‘wanting to please’ and hand them to their lover where they abduct activity in favour of passivity.

Again, men might sound like they love to broadcast their strong willingness to perform the lead role and express their eagerness of – ‘ever ready to dive in’ to make out to you wildly.  In hearts of hearts of course as much as they desire activeness, their activeness is PASSIVITY- Gosh doesn’t it feel amazing to think she take the lead- going- love me how she would like. Head to toe, inside out, all of me for all of her! Her on top, me underneath writhing lacing fingers with hers knowing she loves me so she will give me all without me having to say a word. So, she decides when where how. She takes the initiative to please, dear God it sounds like the sweetest nectar ever!

For the women out there, this happens to be your chance to show him how much you love them. Every action of your’s conveys nothing but your involvement to please your man just like he would like you to. Most fun part the entire responsibility rests in your hands. You command, you lead, you play by your rules. Make it a slow burn, edge him crazy he might threaten to explode but who cares you know you love him and wanna give him the best of you.

Get creative, let your senses go wild, let your instincts be the judge and guide follow your most felt urges. Bite them, nibble-suckle, braise. Do what feels like doing!

Get adventurous go wild with imagination. Break the monotony of usual making love involving the tools and eventual climax. NO! Don’t be boring! You know what the trick is- there is NO trick lol! Actually! Be natural, be spontaneous take a leap of faith and go with flow!

It is time to get experimental! You have all it takes to liven up those erogenous zones. Earlobes, nape, neck, trailing kisses across the small of the back. Job done! He or she is all your’s.

Saying, speaking out loud the sweet nothings. Yes they are the magic words! That’s right,you heard me. When the pleasure is heightened to the extent of things just blasting into ultimate ‘convulsing-high’ blasting into squillion stars.

Kisses! The sweet exchange of warm breath with the promise to consume them quite literally! It is a DRUG. This is capable of giving you the highest kick. Your magic wand, that is. The most underestimated and overlooked tool. You can kiss your lover’s soul out if kissing is your thing.

Dress sexy for him or her! If it’s the gf or the wife, it doesn’t always have to be the black frills and lingerie TRUST me! It could be your bf’s or or hubby’s T-shirt that will make you appear most appealing-sensual in his eyes. Kind of pronouncing she is all your’s wearing your T shirt.

For you men! Think best is keep those sexy, taut hot chest and shoulders revealingly deliciously uncovered

Simple it IS, love your unique way to pleasure!

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